Goal & Activities

This Kenai project is responsible for the formal specification and documention of the JXTA Protocols. Compliant JXTA implementations must conform the schemas, specifications and behaviours that the specification describes.
The JXTA Protocol Specification Project is focused upon the following tasks:
i) Developing formal, normative schemas for all of the XML structures used by the JXTA Protocol.
ii) Developing formal specifications and descriptions of the behaviour of the JXTA Protocols as well as the overall architecture of JXTA.
iii) Work with the JXTA user and implemntor communities as well as the IETF/IRTF and other specification communities on the development and specification of the JXTA protocols.


The JXTA Specification was submitted to the IETF June of 2002 in anticipation of participating with a working group. The IETF declined assign JXTA to a working group, but instead referred JXTA to their sister organization IRTF. The JXTA project participates with the IRTF's Peer-to-Peer working group, but we have also independently continued to advance the JXTA specification.
The JXTA Project continues to enhance, evolve and extend the JXTA Protocol Specification. We remain interested in working with standards bodies on formal approval, but for the current time our focus is working with the JXTA user and implementor communities to extend JXTA to meet their needs.